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LoneWolf Industries is a small business, intent on making a lasting difference in today's global marketplace.

Currently we offer professional computer systems repair, home and business network creation and repair, data recovery, virus removal, new systems sales and service, website design, graphic design, consulting & training.

Most repairs and virus removals are done in 24 hours unless parts need to be ordered.  Business calls always come first.  Why take your computer to a shop and it is there for weeks?  At LoneWolf we believe in getting your system back in your hands as soon as possible.  Need to drop your system off on Friday and need it back by Monday, you can have that at LoneWolf.  All charges are verified before work is done.  Advice and questions are free as well as initial diagnostics.

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American Born
Southern Raised
Marine Corps Trained
Colorado Proud

LoneWolf is and always will be a American owned and operated company!

All active duty service men and women will receive a 25% or better discount on all work performed.  I stand behind all our armed forces and I encourage everyone who reads this to do the same and show it!

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